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Support within the Family Environment

Each of us lives and moves within a specific environment. Certain patterns of behavior can therefore best be understood and changed within this environment.

For this reason I offer home visits where I look at and work on specific situations with parents together.

Depending on what works best for the family, I offer appointments within the usual environments.

Either within the office, the families’ homes, or within the usual community/environments, in which the parents experience reoccurring difficult situations (e.g., at the playground or in a supermarket).

These community and home visits focus on observing together with the parents what works, where are some changes needed in the environment, and where can I empower parents so that they can best support their children in their development.

About me

As a clinical and health psychologist I have specialized in working with children, adolescents and their parents since 2003.

I specifically focus on supporting parents in their individual family situations and with everyday challenges. I developed my personal approach during the many years of practical experience working directly with families, as well as during my university work, where I specialized in developmental and cultural psychology.