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Clinical-Psychological Counseling for Children and Families

As a Clinical and Health Psychologist with a strong background in developmental psychology, my practical work experience so far has mostly been working with families with children on the autism spectrum.

But many issues that have come up during this work are only too familiar to any parent and are not necessarily linked to a diagnosis.

Concerns about the child and how best to support it can, e.g., appear in the following areas:

  • outbursts of anger
  • peculiarities in social communication
  • eculiarities in perception and information processing
  • language delays
  • fears (e.g., social anxiety, phobias)
  • difficulties in making and maintaining friendships (e.g. "my child does not play with other children")
  • building a healthy self-esteem
  • difficulties with daily living skills
  • e.g., "my child only eats certain foods
  • does not perform age appropriate hygiene
  • becomes stressed with changes in everyday routine
  • wants to wear only certain clothes
  • has difficulties with organizational tasks

Every child is unique.

Therefore, I first get to know each child personally, before discussing specific intervention plans and concrete therapy procedures with the parents. Sessions can take place within the office or in the usual family environment (e.g., in the home, on the playground or in other common areas in which difficulties may arise, such as the supermarket).

My main goal is always to support the family where they need it most (see also Support within the Family environment).

About me

As a clinical and health psychologist I have specialized in working with children, adolescents and their parents since 2003.

I specifically focus on supporting parents in their individual family situations and with everyday challenges. I developed my personal approach during the many years of practical experience working directly with families, as well as during my university work, where I specialized in developmental and cultural psychology.