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Parent Supervision and Clinical Psychological Counseling for Children and Families

Parent Supervision

Clinical Psychological Counseling for Children and Families

Support within the Family

About me

As a clinical and health psychologist I have specialized in working with children, adolescents and their parents since 2003.

I specifically focus on supporting parents in their individual family situations and with everyday challenges. I developed my personal approach during the many years of practical experience working directly with families, as well as during my university work, where I specialized in developmental and cultural psychology.

Specialist fields

Parent Supervision

Family life can be chaotic. An outside perspective can at times be helpful in reflecting on past experiences, appropriately recognizing current situations, concretizing ideas and wishes about the child’s future, and in developing further steps that can be implemented in everyday life.

Clinical-Psychological Counseling for Children and Families

As a Clinical and Health Psychologist with a strong background in developmental psychology, my practical work experience so far has mostly been working with families with children on the autism spectrum.

But many issues that have come up during this work are only too familiar to any parent and are not necessarily linked to a diagnosis. Concerns about the child and how best to support it can, e.g., appear in the following areas: outbursts of anger and unstable emotional regulation, peculiarities in perception…

Support within the Family Environment

Each of us lives and moves within a specific environment. Certain patterns of behavior can therefore best be understood and changed within this environment.

For this reason I offer home visits where I look at and work on specific situations with parents together.

"I take as much time as possible and as little as necessary."