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Parent Supervision

Family life can be chaotic.

An outside perspective can at times be helpful in reflecting on past experiences, appropriately recognizing current situations, concretizing ideas and wishes about the child’s future, and in developing further steps that can be implemented in everyday life.

My goal as a Clinical and Health Psychologist is to help families enable the best possible developmental course for their child.

And together with the parents and the child, to find a new way of approaching difficult situations and dealing with everyday life struggles.

Topics that can be addressed can focus mainly around the child, or also around the parent’s own feelings and anxieties or difficult family dynamics. Since a family is always a whole system with specific relationships and dynamics (also patchwork families are made up of certain relationships and dynamics), many of these topics often arise together and thus approaching them in isolation may not be the best way of dealing with them.

My approach is therefore always to focus on the well-being of the child and the family as a whole system.

It is especially important to me to recognize the parent’s expertise and to include the parents in analyzing specific situations at hand and developing further steps. No one knows the child as well as his or her parents or caregivers do. The support and guidance I can offer will be most effective when the parent’s expertise is included and they are a part of planning next steps that work for the whole family.

About me

As a clinical and health psychologist I have specialized in working with children, adolescents and their parents since 2003.

I specifically focus on supporting parents in their individual family situations and with everyday challenges. I developed my personal approach during the many years of practical experience working directly with families, as well as during my university work, where I specialized in developmental and cultural psychology.